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At AstPro Media Group (AMG), we still observe ethical ways of delivering stories in this evolving digital media landscape. That’s why we have these guidelines for us to adhere on.

While our properties are evolving in a fast pace and are continuing to build its portfolio across multiple platforms which we believe will change the future of infotainment, our commitment to our core values such as passion and trust we are building will never fade away.

Through these AMG ethical & editorial guidelines, we aim to give our people clear guidance about what to avoid and the public knowledge of what to expect at the very least, although we recognize the fact too that real life situations couldn’t be minimized into a simple guidebook or checklist at all.

As the needs of our newsrooms and audiences change, our guidelines will adapt continually to ensure that AMG’s work is always deserving of our audiences’ trust.

Updates, Corrections and Deletions

AMG makes every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication. However, if a correction is required, we will be updating the story if new information either adds to or invalidates the original. We will issue notice of corrections for a factual error or if a typo could cause readers to misunderstand the story.

We always confirm facts either with the subject-matter experts, or available official data. We strive to make clear technical terms and statistics in a clear way to readers, and provide evidence against source documents if necessary. We stand by the information as accurate, and if not, we will correct it as quickly as possible and be transparent about the magnitude of the error.

Any query by a reader will be thoroughly investigated and verified before a correction or clarification is issued.

We may remove content from our websites, social media pages, or related platforms for legal reasons or any other circumstances at our discretion. As always, we will issue notice of deletions if necessary.

Content removal, however, will never be at the direction of or be influenced by our advertisers and will always be approved or disapproved by the leadership.

Conflicts of Interest/s and Disclosures

AMG editors and writers does have complete editorial independence and we take them seriously. Any editorial team member or contributors will be recused from a story and/or should publicly disclose conflicts of interest when appropriate. This may include any personal or family relationship, financial investment, partnerships or relevant activity. However, in usual cases, we’ll assign another journalist to cover the story instead.

Sourcing of Information

AMG obtains its news and contents from a variety of sources, including our own journalism. We will specify our sources as necessary, and will only select them if they are reputable or has demonstrated accountability and responsibility.

We will obtain information, photographs, illustrations and multimedia through ethical and legal means. Our writers should never plagiarise, and any information from other media sources should be clearly attributed.

Although in some cases, some of our sources do not wish to be named, maybe. We grant anonymity when we know that our sources could be trusted, otherwise their stories should not be told. Un-named sources are only allowed to be approved by the chief editor, and extra-ordinary care should should be exercised in order to ascertain the veracity of the information provided.

Therefore, AMG allows its team to quote anonymous sources as long as it is in the interests of protecting individuals or groups from danger, intimidation or adverse effects on their livelihood, profession or family.

Our journalists must strive to explain why that person is in a position to provide useful information, for example, ‘a person present at the meeting’, or ‘a senior official with close ties on the said party’.

We make the best efforts to confirm the veracity of the information provided by anonymous sources and will not include any information we have not thoroughly checked.

It is also our policy not to pay sources.

Partnerships concerning Advertising and Revenue

While AMG properties wouldn’t be possible without the businesses that enable them, in no case, however, do these businesses interfere with the integrity of our editorial teams or the content they create. We re-iterate that our editors do have the editorial freedom on what they write.

This includes AMG divisions responsible for selling advertising spaces and/or editorial sponsorships on our properties, advertising across our platforms as well as branded contents created in partnership with our in-house content creation team AMG Contents Hub.

In order to promote transparency, these works will be clearly marked or announced as “Sponsored Content” or “Presented by” a sponsor as necessary, with exception on on a case-by-case basis.

Some of our contents might contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links. When our team have manually added affiliate links to our articles, we will include a disclosure within the content.

Also, advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of AMG or our editorial teams.

Social Media

The behavior on social media of our employees are a reflection of both one’s personal and professional self and, as a voice of AMG and our editorial networks, we expect social media posts to apply the same journalistic integrity and professionalism that we employ in our editorial content.

All AMG employees leave no tolerance for indulging harassment on social media.

Gifts and Giveaways

Any gifts accepted by our team will be of minor value and in no way compromises or guarantees editorial coverage of the event, product, or service – such as reviews and event coverage, for example. More on this are explained on our Reviews and Partnerships Policy which you could read here.

At some occasions, AMG will conduct contests and giveaways for our audiences. While giveaways or contests may be sponsored by an advertiser or partner, they are not, and should never be, considered endorsements of the entities involved or their products.

You can read our Giveaway(s) Terms and Conditions here.

Last revised on 2020.05.02

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