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AstPro Media or AstPro Media Group (AMG), pronounced as ‘as-pro’, is a multi-platform digital media, entertainment, and technology group with focus on making new ways of connecting and engaging people, along with the production of its informative and entertaining content at the same time.

Gearing to be the future of Asian ‘infotainment’ (information + entertainment), AstPro Media operates multiple web platforms along with their social properties which are growing across Asia.

Formerly known as “Astig Sa Tropa Productions” and “BsDPPH”, AstPro Media is a team of talented individuals whose passion is to provide informative and entertaining content for everyone. Originally started in 2011 with the original intent of being a production group, the roots of AstPro Media began when three high school friends namely Bryan, James, and Francis formed a group to comply with their ridiculous physical education school activity.

Bryan and James were first known to be rappers before entering the league of making their own music, establishing their own recording label BsD Records on 2012. However, a change in track was seen on 2015 when Bryan started pursuing his other passion, which is writing. He started writing articles on his personal blog (now private), which consists of his thoughts about life, technology and music. That interest later turned him out to start SnowTechStuff on the same year, which became a technology-focused blog/news site, that caters to audiences from around the world.

SnowTechStuff started growing and since then, has delivered more than a thousand articles and has covered several major tech events in Asia and around the world.

AstProMusic, on the other hand, composed of original AstPro members and its talents, released their first full studio album in 2016, called “Rap Ng Tropa Revisited”, after releasing EPs which were named ‘Rap Ng Tropa 1’ and ‘Rap Ng Tropa 2’, which literally meant “Rap by the Company”, and “Rap Ng Tropa Repackaged” in 2018. The music group is currently on hiatus to focus on their respective studies and work and will return indefinitely.

On 2018, Bryan initiated to launch another venture which is focused on Korean entertainment. It was first made to be a K-Drama review site (formerly known as K-Drama Labs, Koreagram), but later turned the wheel and made it into a bigger, broader scope which is HallyuLife. HallyuLife serves content in English, and caters Asian and worldwide audience.

On 2019, the media group also envisioned Revealed, AMG’s first social-oriented online magazine that would focus on everything else not related to Hallyu, that also focuses on the Philippine audience.

As Bryan says, they are doing this out of their love and passion for these niches, such as technology and Korean culture.

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