(stylized as SnowTechStuff) is our first technology-oriented blog that offers tech news, guides, insights and tech reviews with focus on Philippines and the rest of Asia-Pacific.

It is an independent technology and lifestyle-tech online publication venture of AstPro Media Group, and is primarily managed by AMG’s CEO Bryan Snow. Most of the articles and videos there are written/produced by him.

Started on 2015 as a personal blog, SnowTechStuff evolved into what it is right now. It aims to inform people in what we call an ‘unconventional way’ about technology in the Philippines and in the world. With the latest news, trends, insights, tips, guides, as well as its hilarious yet informative reviews and recommendations – all you have to do is to sit back and relax while reading its articles and watching its videos.

On 2017, our team has launched STS Despatch – where all hot tech rumors, leaks and unverified topics will be posted. We’re working our best to get these information from reliable and reputable sources and could be backed up with further information.

Lastly, SnowTechStuff intends to make informative and interesting content at the same time, as well as bringing you the latest news about technology. We also want users to understand more about technology through our posts and videos.

Site Statistics 

Age: 3 years (including from migrated to
Published posts: 750+ and growing
Blog Comments (Site/Facebook/Disqus combined): 1,300+ and growing
Monthly Pageviews: Around 60,000 – 80,000
Monthly Unique Visitors: Around 15,000 to 25,000, and growing received around 12-16K monthly unique page views in the span of 2017. Our analytic report showed that our audiences are more interested in gadgets, computers and modern technology, especially with regards to computer hardware and PCs. These audience counts continue to grow as we progress, and more unique visitors are coming, returning and sharing content around.

News articles and headlines that are shared by us are mostly cited into some other popular/big websites worldwide, and shared among Facebook groups and Reddit subreddits, bringing more engagements and visitors to the website as a result.

On the other hand, we also publish product reviews and guides regularly such as PC Builds Buyers Guide and features such as Better on Paper, #STSRecommends, #STSTips, and how-to’s, giving our readers an insight of what should they do over something.

Reports below are as of the year 2017

As per Google Analytics, the top 10 site’s visitors for the year 2017 are usually from Philippines (29%), followed by Malaysia (28%), Singapore (12%), Thailand (6.4%), United States (6.2%), Indonesia (2.5%), India, Australia and UAE (1%).

Google Analytics ‘Demographics’ identifies that 77.8% of our users are Male while the rest (22.2%) are Female. The photo below shows the age group where the site is much popular.

Alexa and SimilarWeb (verified with Google Analytics) statistics are also available. You can check it out through their platforms for real-time ranking and traffic updates.

Social Channels Stats

Facebook Fans: 3,700+ (
Twitter Followers: 180+ (
Instagram Followers: 120+ (

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Last revised June 12, 2018.