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HallyuLife (, is an online media bringing the latest stories in Hallyu wave, with focus on the Philippines (where we are currently based) and Asian countries, while serving a worldwide audience.

An independent Korean entertainment-oriented publication of AstPro Media Group, HallyuLife is managed by a team of passionate individuals who share the same love for Korean entertainment / Hallyu. It aims to engage people through our efforts of delivering relevant and reliable information, as well as interactive content that is served through all of its platforms.

Founded in 2017 originally as K-Drama Labs (Sep 2017 – Jan 2018) and Koreagram (Jan 2018 – Oct 2018), the now-HallyuLife is quickly growing to realize its vision of becoming one of the authorities on foreign entertainment websites specifically tackling the Hallyu wave in general. It also has networks and partners in countries like Singapore, Japan, the United States, and South Korea. We are also working directly with event organizers, industry insiders, PR agencies, Korean artists’ companies, and many more.

HallyuLife has been referenced locally and internationally by several minor and major media outlets, quoting our news and comments as well as our responsible, unconventional brand of K-Pop and Hallyu journalism that we intend to deliver.

Finally, HallyuLife intends to show how great Korean culture and entertainment are, and we want our audience to feel and understand more about it as it continues to grow worldwide.


HallyuLife should give non-Korean and Korean fans a taste of Korea’s culture and entertainment via an unconventional yet comprehensive way, along with unbiased news, insights, and reviews of anything related to Korean entertainment. We also intend to make a better social news network for everybody to enjoy.


HallyuLife is striving to become one of the authority, the number one or the most trusted Hallyu community, reviews, and news site. We want to give our readers and audience the security of having reliable content, stories, and reviews, as well as a community to discuss your opinions with. We want to help spread the word about how great Korean entertainment and culture is.

Some Statistics 

Founding date: October 2017 (as K-Drama Labs)
6 years (including from – migrated to

News articles, videos, and headlines that are shared by us are mostly shared among Twitter, Facebook groups, forums, and Reddit subreddits, bringing more engagements and visitors to the website as a result. Tweets are also frequently re-tweeted by others. Some of our stories and information are referenced both by local and major international media.

On the other hand, we also publish editorials and features regularly such as Show Rewind, UNFILTERED, and Artist Spotlight, as well as news and photos, giving our readers an insight into what is happening in the Hallyu world.

*Detailed analytics report could be provided upon request.

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